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Trailer Sales

About Trailer Pricing

Every day we are contacted by potential customers who are considering the purchase of a trailer. The question of “how much is it” is one of the first questions we need to answer. In fact, each one of the trailers on our lot is tagged with the actual selling price as well as the size and payload. If you visit one of our locations you can browse hundreds of trailers at your leisure and compare features and options. The price is never in question, it is right there on the trailer.

You can then speak to one of our trailer experts who will handle the transaction and answer any other questions you might have. One of the jobs our people do is make sure your trailer is properly hooked up to your vehicle with the correct hitch, drawbar height, ball size and electrical connection. Under-rated hitches, incorrect height, faulty vehicle wiring are some of the problems that we see every day and are prepared to correct when possible.

When we are contacted by phone or through email by a potential customer it is a little more challenging for the potential buyer. Pictures alone don’t help the buyer determine the construction features of a trailer. Many features are not always easily seen or appreciated with a photo on the website. Pictures and prices alone won’t help us determine if the the trailer is the right one for your tow vehicle. Finding the correct trailer is usually not a problem for former trailer owners but first time buyers, who may not be as knowledgeable, usually need guidance when it comes to such important considerations as weight distribution, brake controllers, GVWR, or hitch rating. We want to be sure that our customers don’t purchase the wrong trailer and we will not let a trailer leave our lot on a vehicle that is improperly suited to tow it.

Hecht Trailers is one of the oldest and largest trailer dealers in the USA with two locations. If you can’t come in to see our trailers and you want to know the price of a given model we are ready to provide it for you either over the phone or by email. We do it every day. We will do our best to help you choose the correct trailer, just putting prices on a photo is not the best way to service our customers.